Comic shops UK

On a recent visit to London, I had the chance to check out the local comics shops, some big some small. I even got a couple of shops to carry Margo (score one for the home team). I finally got to see Forbidden planet and a special 2000 ad 40-year retrospective at the Cartoon Museum. What I found to be really interesting is that a large number of stores feature galleries showcasing comic art and artists. I’m sure there are some in the states that do this, and if you know of any, please let me know. I would love to visit them.

On another note, convention season is heating up, and I’m set to do 3 shows this year (so far), Margo 3 is deep into production and I will be showing a preview in May. So I will looking for some input, on the direction and plot twists.

Till next time,  Jim